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Apple Announces Xcloud And Stadia Off The App Store

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Objavljeno 15 avgust 2020 - 09:50

It's a matter When Apple confirmed that it will not be able to see Stadia and xCloud through the iOS operating system.
Recently, rival brand Microsoft has just launched a gaming service slot streaming called xCloud, as well as Google's Stadia, which has been trying to pack a game store on the App Store. On this page, Microsoft released a trial beta on iOS before it was eventually removed.
However, according to Business Insider's report, Apple has confirmed that the platform, including Nvidia's Stadia, xCloud, and even Nvidia's GeForce Now is in breach of all App Store guidelines. The carrier camp does not follow the rules that Apple has put in place, so it cannot be officially released.
Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has criticized Apple's action for making a big mistake in gamers around the world. He himself regrets the incident that Apple tried to block the opportunity for cross-platform games. Not only does this have a direct impact on XCloud, Stadia and GeForce NOW, but also popular games like Fortnite, Minecraft and Roblox, which game developers around the world are working on as well.

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